Hot mom sex on chat no pay Housing in IndiaThis article May 2016Housing in India varies from palaces of erstwhile maharajas to modern apartment buildings in big cities to tiny huts in farflung villages. There has been tremendous growth in Indias housing sector as incomes have risen.With modernization there is a growing number of nuclear families in which each couple occupies its own house after marriage in urban areas. It is still rare albeit not impossible amongst traditional communities for senior citizens to live alone. It is extremely rare even in urban areas for couples to live together before marriage. Some single young adults live in samesex dormitories or in shared accommodation during college and the early working years.The lifestyle in villages takes advantage of the warm weather. Many families bathe outdoors in rivers and ponds. Most of the day is spent outdoors around or near the house. Cooking is conducted outdoors in earthen stoves powered by organic fuels or in modern kerosene stoves. Water is obtained from handdrawn wells. Men perform their ablutions in designated spots

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